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alice lim
why is life so bored,how to add some color to life?
2011년 3월 9일 오전 9:15
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Very easy, but it could take a couple of days. Enter a cave inside a mountain, and bring the following items with you: -- electric light -- two books that you don't like -- food and water Wait inside there for at least 48 hours, and get out at noon the very first day of good weather after that. You will see how colourful life can be. Guaranteed, or I'll give your money back! How to make that feeling last ? With the power of imagination ?
2011년 3월 9일
just read about many activities and subjects , and see what attracts you.
2011년 3월 9일
You can love people Then you must love yourself Then you will see the beautiful colors of your life :)
2011년 3월 9일
alice lim
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