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i'm lonely in my live , god help me to survive / how can i say that in japaness
9 de Mar de 2011 às 19:26
Answers · 2
人生は、孤独だ。 神様だけが、私の救いだ。 This is my translation. Japanese words have a soul in the meaning, I think.
10 de Março de 2011
If you're asking god to help you to survive, I think it would be something like 私は孤独です。(or, 私は一人ぼっちです。)神様、どうか私が生きられるよう助けてください。 If you're intending to say god is helping you to survive as in 'god helps me to survive,' I might say 私は孤独です。神様が私が生きていられるようにしている。 or, 神様がいるから私は生きていられる。 'I am able to stay alive because of god' '私は孤独です。' literally means 'I am lonely.' I have to admit my translations are a bit awkward, but I hope I could have been of some help :)
9 de Março de 2011
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