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what word is used most frecuency, "to book" or "reservation"? ¿Cuál palabra es usada más frcuentemente, "to book" o "reservation"?
Mar 10, 2011 1:14 AM
Answers · 4
"Make a reservation" is more common in American English.
March 10, 2011
Australians use both words. It depends on the situation. The word "reservation" is usually used for hotel or restaurant bookings. The word "book"is mainly used to purchase train/plane/bus tickets or ring up for a taxi. Sometimes "reserve" means to save a seat. Correction: Which word is used most frequently, "to book" or "reservation"? Examples: Can I make a booking /reservation for two at 8pm for dinner at your restaurant? I'd like to book a first class seat on the train/plane to Paris. Would you like me to reserve [ save] a spot for you at the conference? I'd like to book you as our next guest speaker. I'd like to book a taxi for 6pm to take me to the airport.
March 10, 2011
In the USA we use "book a reservation." I guess it depends upon where you are which phrase you use. Tera
March 10, 2011
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