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What is the difference between ao (あお) and aoi (あおい) ? Or between akai and aka ? Can you explain me what is the difference between ao (あお) and aoi (あおい) ? Between shiro and shiroi ? ...
Mar 10, 2011 6:21 PM
Answers · 7
青, あお, ao, blue (noun). 青い, あおい, aoi, blue (adjective). COLORS (ADJECTIVE) AKAI - Red AOI - Blue SHIROI - White KUROI - Black CHAIROI - Brown KIIROI – Yellow COLORS (NOUN) AKA - Red AO - Blue SHIRO - White KURO - Black CHAIRO - Brown KIIRO – Yellow 1) 黄色 はきれい。- kiiro wa kirei desu. - Yellow is pretty. (this is a noun) 2) 黄色い とりはきれいです。 - kiiroi tori wa kirei desu. - The yellow bird is pretty. (this is an adjective) 3) 黒いふくが好きじゃない。- kuroi fuku ga suki ja nai. - I don't like black clothes. (this is an adjective)
March 10, 2011
this should help
March 10, 2011
ao is noun blue color aoi is adjective blue also siro and siroi most japanese adjective ends in 'i'
March 10, 2011
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