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how can i improve my english? help!!
2011년 3월 11일 오전 4:40
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Study vocabulary first. It is the most important part of any language. Study grammar last. It is the least important part. Divide time equally between input (listening and reading), output (speaking and writing), and fluency (practice until perfect). People usually forget to work on fluency.
2011년 3월 11일
Hi ^_^ You can improve your English , by focusing on the 4language skills : 1- Listening ( listen to your favorite songs or audio books ) 2-reading ( your favorite books or stories ) 3- speaking ( speak with your friends , record your voice to correct your errors ) 4- writing ( write short paragraphs , or what is on your mind ) plus learning New Vocabulary & Grammar Good Luck ^_^
2011년 3월 11일
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