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How many ways can you use the word "up?" Once someone has used "up" in a sentence, think of another way to use it. If you are not sure, scroll down to the last section of this Italki site
11 de mar de 2011 7:53
Answers · 13
I want to climb up this mountain. I threw the ball up into the air. What's up my friend? Yesterday I was so nauseous I threw up. The decision's totally up to you. What are you up to, you naughty child? Can't think of any more of the top of my head.... :D
11 de Marzo de 2011
I was playing cricket. My team intension was too up.My intension was up too. Team captain give up ball to me. I was ready to ball upper arm fast ball. i bowled and batsman struck the ball up. fielder was on up sky ball. ball struck too up. The team player faith was up in his hand. he just running to catch up ball. Ball was too up. and he travelled lot of steps to catch the up ball. Finally a movement between the up ball and the fielder came. Every player puts there hands up. The fielder crashed up with boundary and still ball was up. And went up to neighborhood roof. we went to take up roof ball. we knock the door from left to right and up to down. But no one has opened the door for up ball. We planned to go at evening to collect up roof ball.... still more to up come :D stay tune for more up :D:D:D:D:D:D:DD:
11 de Marzo de 2011
Up here is 7 answers, so let me continue this line about "up". 8. We talked up a storm until past midnight. 9. She can sing and dance up a storm. 11. He is pacing moodily up and down. 12. Let‘s to talk up and down. 13. Up and down of verdure is here. 14. He got up and began to walk up and down the room. 15. She looked Miss Saunders up and down. 16. It‘s up and running. 17. Here is the "up arrow key" on the keyboard. 18. It rained without let-up. 19. Many new cities have sprung up in our country. 20. He drew himself up to his full height. 21. Feed up with lunch! 22. Keep it up! 23. Will clients really pay upfront? 24. She's a very up front sort of person. 25. This PC is up grade or not? 26. How long do you think the engine will stand up? 27. Up your gig! 28. That job is right up her alley. 29. That guy is right up her street. 30. We drove 200 km upstate. 31. He's up the pole if he thinks so. 32. That's another week's work up the spout. 33. He's really up the wall about her illness. 34. It isn't up to much ! 35. We're up to our eyeballs in spare parts. 36. I am up to my eyes this week. 37. We are disappointed that quality is not at all up to sample. 38. The decision is up to you. 39. Up with you! 40. Up-do – this is a hairstyle in which the hair is held away from the face and neck with pins or clips. 41. You have to change down when you drive uphill. 42. We must keep up-stream. 43. While you're in London, do look up our old teacher, he'll be pleased to see you. 44. I want to go up to London next week. 45. Talk up! 46. I have been held up in traffic. 47. …….. The next turn is your! Keep on!
11 de Marzo de 2011
We're on the up and up!
11 de Marzo de 2011
Not many people like grammar Ming, but we can all have a bit of fun learning it.
13 de Marzo de 2011
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