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what is the "呢” in this sentence? well here's the conversation: 我已经很久没吃粽子了! 你很久没吃粽子!我还没吃过粽子呢! I know the translation: -It's been a long time since I've eaten dumplings! its been a long time since you've had dumplings! I also haven't eaten dumplings! But I'm not sure what the 呢 adds to the sentence. 请你们帮我吗? 非常感谢!is the 呢 just like an exclamation point in this sentence?
11 مارس 2011 17:50
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By the way it doesn't mean "I also haven't eaten dumplings yet" It means "I also haven't eaten dumplings!" the 过 is used to show experience. 吃过- has eaten. 没吃过 - has not eaten before. So the speaker is saying he has never had dumplings.
30 أبريل 2011
Never mind. I figured out that 呢 is used to show equivalency. Using 呢 as an exclamation point, the second speaker is indicating that his/her situation is ALSO the same.
30 أبريل 2011
you can traslate the last one like "I also haven't eaten dumplings yet." "呢" is a kind of oral language, it's an exclamation point. it always appears in the dialogue which is between friends or family, people don't use it in formal occasions in most cases. BTW, 粽子is from my hometown Jiaxing which is a small city next to Shanghai.
29 أبريل 2011
Yeah In Chinatown there is some of those foods.
19 مارس 2011
Yes,you are right.I got three questions for you.It seems that you have ever eaten those Chinese food----two kinds of dumplings,have you?I wonder if you can buy the dumplings in America conveniently as we can buy the mcdonald's food everywhere.Have you ever been China?
19 مارس 2011
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