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How do I say "I like" in Korean?
Mar 12, 2011 4:26 AM
Answers · 8
There are two ways of saying that. 1. 전 ㅇㅇ을/를 좋아해요. I like ㅇㅇ 2. 전 ㅇㅇ이/가 좋아요. In my case, ㅇㅇ is good. #2 is more common and sounds more subjective than #1. 전 비빔밥을 좋아해요. I like bibimbap. (polite) 전 비빔밥이 좋아요. In my case, bibimbap is good. (polite) 난 피자를 좋아해. I like pizza. (casual) 난 피자가 좋아. In my case, pizza is good. (casual)
March 12, 2011
난 좋아해
March 12, 2011
나는 ( )을 좋아합니다. i (korea food) like
March 12, 2011
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