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What do Christians think of Gays and Lesbians?~ I've always wondered bout this.if someone is born in a christian family and gay. then how should one survive in such a harsh circumstance. and should people who are christian or half-christian agree that homosexual should be right on the planet coz god makes no mistakes. god only want people to love,no matter who you love.and now the number of people on earth is getting larger and larger .and if god exist than?~should god take some measure to prevent the growth of population?and should i say that homo will be one tool??? thanks for answering i know it's not an easy question but i still want christians to come and answer me~thank you~
Mar 12, 2011 7:02 AM
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i just know it's not a matter of Christians but how your families think about the world.Some Christians think god accept all mankind,and the other not.
March 12, 2011
first of all i wanna say, even though this is a good question. but, you did the big mistake about "half-christian" there is no such express. half-christian is not count into christian. and when you mentioned "christian" must to refered only "christian" or 100 % christian ofcuz, there are (bad, good) (fake , real) for separated them. now i would like to asnwered you question. i do agreed with "roi g" "John 3:16 God so love the world............. " no matter wether you are gay or not gay. God is still God. and God still love you. and you still his child. the most important thing is think right, do right. love others as yourself. so, gay or others are never discriminated or eliminated from sosiety. God bless.
March 12, 2011
I Think God give us freedom to choose what ever we wanted, i think those homo that your mentioning should be not be separeted to us becuase they are part of society, like us they wanted to live in normal way,sometimes those people are much succesfull than to others.i guess they should not be discriminated. cowboy...
March 12, 2011
I thought all Christians were gay anyway.
March 12, 2011
i'm a roman catholic christian. okay let me answer your question based on the perspective of the Catholics. First, though we can see that discrimination of the third sex is very evident in the society the Catholic church has nothing to do with it because it teaches equality. what makes discrimination evident is i think more of the societal differences. in a country like Philippines, people, either Muslim or others think and act conservatively and those who act or dress differently according to the norms of society has a lot of tendency to treated unlikely. in the western world, people are liberal, so it's not a big deal if someone is from the third sex. Secondly, Christians do not condemn homosexual for being such what Christians condemn is the act of having themselves engage in a same sex relationship and do sexual acts because for Christians God created men for women and vice verse.
July 9, 2011
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