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what's the meaning of this? what's the meaning of (ex NVS, TNT invoices the customer directly) and (ex NVS free, we invoice the freight charges)? Thanks!
13 de mar de 2011 13:45
Answers · 2
I will add that it is important to have these things spelled out in a written contract that is recognized in all countries involved. TNT has added this wording to protect them from paying to ship a product and not being reimbursed for the shipping costs.
14 de Marzo de 2011
Hello Sofie- My daughter's name is Sophie! It's hard to know exactly from this passage, but I believe this is what it means. Anytime 'ex-' is used (and this is a business or finance term, not a general English term), it means that whatever is being discussed is excluded in some way. For example, if a dividend-paying stock is sold 'ex-dividend', it is sold with the stipulation that the seller retains rights to the current or next dividend payout. In this case, I believe TNT is a freight-forwarder or logistics company. TNT could even be a company manufacturing goods for sell by NVS. At any rate, TNT is handling the shipping for NVS: It appears NVS offers options for customers to either pay shipping or get free shipping. If the customer chooses to pay freight ('ex NVS'), TNT bills the freight to the customer; if they choose the other option, freight is billed back to NVS.
14 de Marzo de 2011
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