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I'd like to know where 'answer' or 'response' is more appropriate.
Mar 13, 2011 5:48 PM
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Examples: Please respond to the exam question by writing a 500 word essay. Show me the answers to your Math homework. Answer me now! Did you break the wine glass? My answer is yes, I broke the glass. The government was waiting for a response from the diplomat before they made any comments to the media. The lawyer instructed his client to respond to the prosecutor's questions.
March 14, 2011
If you treat them both as nouns, there's a neat little way to know which to use. Look at the other words and match them based on where they come from: Latin-based words with the Latin-based "response", and Germanic-based words with the Germanic "answer". So you provide a response to an invitiation, but you make an answer to a call. Good writers often choose their collocations based on the history of the words. A simpler explanation is that you'd use "response" in more formal situations and "answer" in common, familiar situations.
March 13, 2011
answer means to say something to someone when they have asked you a question or spoken to you e.g. answe a question answer the telephone/door answer a letter answe somebody: why don't you answer me? response means something that is said or done as a reaction or reply to something else. i sent him a letter, but there is no response from him till now. i'm writing this letter in response to your advertisemen.
March 13, 2011
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