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Is there any difference between 'for instance' and 'for example' ? I need only answers of people for whom English is their native language.
2011년 3월 13일 오후 6:18
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I'd consider them interchangeable. I think it's useful to hear comments and explanations from everyone, Polina. English is used in many countries and meanings and interpretations can often be different. Moreover, people studying English can often be better informed about specific meanings than native speakers who use the language without having to think about it!!
2011년 3월 13일
they are the same
2011년 3월 13일
For instance is "for or as an example" = that for example as an illustration like "for instance". What is the difference here? "For instance" is used for describing an example of a particular kind of situation. "For example" = in particular; specifically; thus; so; to take something like as an illustration
2011년 3월 13일
Hi, you asked a question of a life time. This question has been in mind for the past many years and you finally asked it. Lets hope to get as many answers as possible and then we will see which one is the most appropriate one. chao!
2011년 3월 13일
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