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きみでいて ぶじでいて Please help me by translating this song into ROMANJI so that I may attempt to sing it .i have seen the english translation but am in desperate need of the romanji version . the song is on youtube if it helps here is the link ( ) 歌詞 心配してる、世界が君を心配してる 君の名前を探してる 一緒にいるよ、世界が君と一緒にいるよ 君の命に会いに行く 心と体壊さず君を 抱きしめて会いに行くまで 君でいて、無事でいて Thank you so much for the help I wish that Japan may recover soon and that the lost are found .
Mar 13, 2011 11:33 PM
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歌詞 kashi 心配してる、世界が君を心配してる shinpai shiteru , sekai ga kun wo shinpai shiteru 君の名前を探してる kun no namae wo sagashi teru 一緒にいるよ、世界が君と一緒にいるよ isshoni iruyo , sekai ga kun to isshoni iruyo 君の命に会いに行く kun no inochi ni ai ni iku 心と体壊さず君を kokoro to karada kowasa zu kun wo 抱きしめて会いに行くまで daki shimete ai ni iku made 君でいて、無事でいて kun deite , buji deite
March 14, 2011
I actually forgot to sing the song for you . I just played it so that you could hear it but I forgot to sing it to you . So next time we speak remind me . I love japanese people!!!!!!!!! This horrible disaster has shown me and the world , I think ,how amazing the japanese people really are. How kind and modest japanese culture remains . I am glad you're ok and your english is good you will master the language soon I am sure of it
March 14, 2011
i love the rylic of this song...warmhearted. and i adore your tenderness !!!
March 14, 2011
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