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Is there any good advice how to teach my son(2.5 years old)? how to make it funny?is there any good material?English? i missed the word
Mar 14, 2011 3:29 AM
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Just give her an English environment.... in a very natural way.... may be, you keep listening to CCTV 9 most of the time at home (which most Chinese families don't like to do, unfortunately^^).... And let her/him mumble the Nursery Rhymes in her/his free sweet will..... let the kid ENJOY the rhythm of English ..... and let it be embedded deep in her psyche. ... BTW, I love Yentai... hu hu ^^.... I have spent a few days there... then moved to Wehai... 0n my way back to Da Lian across the Bo Hai gulf.... Wonderful memory!! We Hai is famous for fresh air and fresh apples!! ha ha.... Best Wishes ^^
March 21, 2011
Let your son watch TV. But be sure of what the contents are. I don't like spongebob or tom and jerry, they use inappropriate words. I prefer playhouse disney channel or just buy DVDs. I can also skype you some good english websites for kids.:) Xiexie!:)
March 15, 2011
defintely. Let him watch American children's TV shows like sesame street, Dora the explorer.. You child will love it, be very focused on the show and learn alot at the same time
March 14, 2011
What do you want to teach your son? Chinese? English? Manners? I find that singing nursery rhymes in any language are fun for children especially if accompanied by actions. They learn new words and actions that go with the song. Here are some children oriented websites for teaching English such as:
March 14, 2011
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