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Ahlan!!! i was wonering if someone could please tell me what 'ya lateef' means in arabic? Shokran!! :
Mar 28, 2008 11:49 AM
Answers · 3
'ya lateef' literally: "ya" is the calling letter in Arabic & "lateef" means kind, but when said this way "ya lateef" then it refers to Allah (=God) The Egyptians mostly say this phrase when they hear bad or scary news, so its meaning is like "Oh God you're the most kind, be kind to us"
March 28, 2008
hello how are you i hope u r fine LATEEF means (kind) but we use (ya lteaf) that we asked GOD (ALLAH) to be kind with the person that we said to him ( ya lateef) so don't worry it is nice word we use it.
March 28, 2008
hey bilkis,,ahlan means welcom and YA LATIF means that u ask god to make our life good and nice but this is public word u should be egyptian to know it very well lol
March 28, 2008
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