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Ne okşayıcı ve anlamları bazı Türkçe terimler nelerdir? Also, what is something I could say that conveys sentiments similar to "iyi ki varsin"? I thought "iyi ki varsin" meant something like, "I'm glad I have you" or, "I'm glad you exist" or, "thank god you exist"...? is that incorrect??
Mar 14, 2011 4:32 PM
Answers · 6
'so let the good ' is iyi ki varsın..
March 15, 2011
it means im glad u exist
April 9, 2011
turkish people use to this sentence (iyi ki varsın) for their important people in their life.iyi ki arsın is the same 'i need you' or 'you are my chance i am happy with you'
March 16, 2011
yeah it means sth like " i m glad i have you" , the sentences including "exist" are incorrect
March 16, 2011
it means, i'm happy with you:))
March 16, 2011
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