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Mona Lisa
Travel broadens the mind. Do you agree?
14. März 2011 18:04
Answers · 5
Travel broadens the pockets of travel agents.
15. März 2011
Travel makes it possible for people to feel the outside world in person. Without it, people would be like a frog in a well. I have found that people who have not travelled anywhere tend to be insular in their opinions about other countries and people.
14. März 2011
Completely agree. Ive spent three years abroad so far and i can tell you from experience that my life/ mindset has completely changed since I first came.
14. März 2011
Travel can definitely broaden the mind as long as one is open to the new experiences, traditions, cultures and beliefs that they will encounter. If there's no acceptance and willingness to learn about others then no matter how many countries you go will still be narrow-minded.
14. März 2011
of course by tavelling you can learn different kind of cultures and you can compare them with your own culture and it changes your view point about life
14. März 2011
Mona Lisa
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