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What's the difference between لغت نامه and فرهنگ لغت? Google Translate says that the first means "glossary" or "lexicon" and the second means "dictionary." In English, a glossary is sort of like an abridged dictionary that only has to do with a certain subject or field, but a lexicon is pretty much the same as a dictionary. So what is the difference between لغت نامه and فرهنگ لغت? Is it subtle? Are they interchangeable? Thanks.
Mar 14, 2011 9:08 PM
Answers · 8
it is not special diffrence between فرهنگ لغت and لغتنامه! but the word list in end of book is called لغتنامه and in دانشنامه or دایره المعارف words is explained absolutly
March 15, 2011
سلام لغت نامه و فرهنگ لغت هر دو به یک معنا هستند و می توان آن ها را به صورت مترادف به کار برد
May 7, 2013
سلام هر جفتشون یک معنی میده مثلا فرهنگ لغت معین هست که در شش جلد تدوین شده از اون طرف هم لغت‌نامهٔ دهخدا هستش که در ۱۶ جلد به چاپ رسیده که همونطور که میبینی هر جفتشون کامل هستند ولی به لغت هایی که در آخر یک کتاب جمع آوری میشه رو هم لغت نامه یا واژه نامه میگن
April 5, 2011
hi dear how are u? whats up? amy they are a bit diffrent فرهنگ لغت has explained the meanings of words more wider and with more informations such as origions and back history but لغت نامه just wrote the meanings and no more information have a great time
April 1, 2011
hi amy. both of them are equal.
March 31, 2011
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