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Can anyone translate this love letter in Japanese please?^^ Can anyone translate this love letter in Japanese please?^^? No google translator please.. And sorry if some of my grammar is wrong.. I'm not fluent in my English:(( And please translate it in (Informal Girly way of Japanese?)please??thanks I'm advance:))) -------------------- Hey!how are you? I'm kinda nervous writing this letter to you because I don't know how to say my proper feelings for you:(but I will try even though we only met in ______ I really like how you being sincere, sweet and kind to me... And sometimes you always ask me "wht are you doing now?" I always want to reply you "I'm thinking of you" But..haha..I'm too shy:(( But now I can say it here in this letter freely...and even though we can only talk over skype..listening to your cute voice..really make me inlove to u more.. And sometimes I feel that you don't trust me..but that's okay..i will understand u.. But dont worry..because i know someday we can finally meet and be with each other.. I love you..
Mar 15, 2011 3:25 PM
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こんにちは。どうしていますか? どうやったら気持ちを伝えられるのか分からなくて、ちょっと緊張します。(でも頑張ってみます) 私達は○○で出会って、あなたの誠実さ、やさしさに惹かれました。 時々あなたは「今なにをしているの」と尋ねてくれるけど いつも「あなたの事を考えているの」と答えたい。 でも、恥ずかしくて(笑) でも今この手紙では自由に言えます。 私達はskypeで話してるけど、あなたの(可愛い?)声を聞いていると、もっと真剣に関わりたくなります。 時々、信頼されていないように感じるけど、大丈夫、分かり合えるようになります。 でも心配しないで。いつか会える、一緒になれるから。 愛しています。 I'm not fluent, meybe there is better translation.
March 16, 2011
I'm sorry, my japanese is too bad to do a good translation. However, I wanted to say to you it may be better to just be yourself and only speak with your heart, in one of the language you can speak. Moreover, your letter is so cute, and whatever the language you use, I think he's lucky, so just go on :)
March 15, 2011
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