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What are meanings of "ithni" and "jithni" Plz explain with examples
16 мар. 2011 г., 15:47
Answers · 3
Itnaa, Itni and Itney / itnay / itne (whichever way U pronounce is acceptable) = this much. Muze ek cup itnaa paani chaahiye itni see baat ke liye gussaa kyu hote ho ? Unhey itney he aam chaahiye. Jitnaa / jitni / jjitney - U can use for - that much, upto, as much as, overwhelming etc. etc. Ex : Jitnaa pyaar aap Mata Pitaa ko day sakate hai, utnaa / ottnaa kam hai. Jitni bhi mai aapki taarif karu ootni kam hai. Jitnaa / jitney chaaho utnaa / ootnaa chillla o. Jitnaa, U can also use as Verb : = to Win Would U like to try making yr own sentences ? Pl do so. I look forward to hearing from you.
17 марта 2011 г.
'jitne' word is to used discribe, something which has no limit. And 'itne' word is always used for decribing finite number of thing. example . 1.Muje itne padai karne he. I want to study this much. 2. Mujse jitne mehnat ho sake , karne he. I want to work hard as much as i can. Hope now you are clear! Have a nice day!
16 марта 2011 г.
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