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i would like to learn english langauge because it international langauge and also it helps me in netand it helps me to know th i have some problems with English what as tences what deferent between present and pre perf tens
Mar 28, 2008 4:04 PM
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You need to find out my yourself what is the difference between the Present tense and the Present tense. One use of the Present perfect tense is to talk about your experience. For example, 'Have you ever been to the Caribbean?' ' Yes I have been to the Caribbean' 'Have you ever broken your arm?' 'Yes, I have broken my arm twice.' The Present tense is used for more permanent things. For example, ' I live in Europe.' or 'Do you work?' 'Yes, I work in an office.'
April 8, 2008
Present tense means something you are doing now and will do later. Present perfect tense is a perfective tense use to express action completed in the past...For example (Present tense) I am painting a picture...(present perfect tense) I have painted a picture...the job is done in the past.
April 8, 2008
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