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Oprah-isation/Jackiefication/momification of Michelle Hello, guys! I'm trying to understand one article aboue Michelle Obama and I can't figure what this all about. There is one paragraph below>>> Shortly after the election Rebecca Traister took aim in Salon, an online magazine, at the “momification of Michelle”. But since then Americans have been forced to endure the “Oprah-isation” and “Jackiefication” as well. Mrs Obama has graced the cover of Oprah Winfrey’s magazine O, made several appearances on low-end talk shows and earned the sobriquets “America’s next top model” and “leader of the fashionable world”. I would appreciate any kind of help such as explanations or even translation or just comments...
17 mrt 2011 16:21
Answers · 8
Jackiefication would mean that the media is trying to make her appear to the public as another Jackie (Jacquelyn) Kennedy, the wife of John F. Kennedy. JFK and Jackie were very popular in the USA because they were a relatively young couple. Americans often refer to them, and JFK's tenure as president as "Camelot", a reference to King Arthur. Same thing with Momifcation and Oprah-isation. The writer made these words up. They're not official words in the English language. The endings, or suffixes, "-isation" and "ification / fication" mean "to make something into". The writer could have also written "mom-isation" instead of "mom-ification", since these are not official words.
20 maart 2011
if someone momifies = she becomes like a mother (mom) Oprah-isation and Jackiefication are shots at American culture. Too much like Oprah and too much like Jackie, though I don't know who Jackie is.
17 maart 2011
Basically it means that the American media is trying to make Michelle Obama to act like the First Lady Jackie Kennedy in the 1960's who was admired for her elegant clothes and redecorating the White House. Michelle has tried to be popular with Americans by doing motherly tasks like planting a vegetable garden at the White House.Oprah is a famous American TV celebrity who supported Brarack Obama in his run for US president.
18 maart 2011
and guys I know who Oprah. Michelle and Jackie are.. Could you help to understand the whole idea of the paragraph?
17 maart 2011
Could you explain what “momification of Michelle”\Oprah-isation\Jackiefication mean? I vaguely get it
17 maart 2011
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