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how i say "Are you angry at me?" in tagalog
Mar 18, 2011 6:23 AM
Answers · 3
The language of the Filipino people be it Pilipino or Tagalog, is situational. If it is your friend and you feel that he is waning away from you, you will ask him, something like is there anything in me that is troubling you? This is said as "May hinanakit ka ba sa akin" in Pilipino or in Tagalog street language,"may attraso ba ako sa iyo?" which means is there any atrocity that I have done to you that I may not know of?"
February 28, 2012
"galit ka ba sa'kin?" in tagalog translation og "are you angry with me?"
May 20, 2011
"Are you angry at me?" is "Galit ka ba sa akin?" Galit = Angry ka = you ba = added to make it sound more like a casual question sa = at akin = me
March 18, 2011
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