통역해 주세요 ^^ --우리는 모르는 것이 없는 그를 '걸어 다니는 검퓨터'라고 불렀다.-- I don't understand how to translate '모르는 것이 없는 그를' because there is double negation...I also don't understand how the computer is described.. 미리 감사합니다 ~~~
Mar 18, 2011 7:37 PM
Answers · 3
It's a little awkward to translate it into English with the exact same structure but what it's saying is "We called him a 'walking computer' because there is nothing he doesn't know" (literally, "We called him, who has nothing he doesn't know, a 'walking computer'." 모르는 것 = something not known 모르는 것이 없는 그 = he who doesn't have something not known 걸어 다니는 컴퓨터: 걸어 다니다 comes from 갇다 (to walk) and 다니다 (to go/move around). 걷다 is a 'ㄷ' irregular verb, so it becomes '걸어' with the 'ㄷ' changing to a 'ㄹ'. 걸어 다니다 thus means 'to walk around' and '걸어 다니는' would be 'walking'.
March 19, 2011
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