How do you think? does the beauty of the artwork makes its master famous or famous name of the master makes his any artwork beautifull?
Mar 18, 2011 10:26 PM
Answers · 9
I believe that the beauty of the artwork makes its master famous
March 19, 2011
Sometimes a good promotion makes the NAME and then it workes, while plenty of no less talanted authors remain fameless. Besides, the same things are perceived differently in different times.
March 20, 2011
First goes the first, then goes the second. Think of a famous artist or a film director. Fame came to him/her after the work which people considered great. And then each of the following works is believed to be great beforehand. BTW, the normal answer to your question is "With the head/brain". To ask an opinion "Как вы думаете?" you'd use "What..?"
March 19, 2011
It should be the first,otherwise it is a delusion!
March 18, 2011
thank you for your comment ^^
March 19, 2011
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