How to pronounce 의? It kinda confuse me that I heard different pronunciations of it. sometimes 'ee' , but sometimes it sounds like 에 e.g. 김희철 that is 'ee' sound, but 최고의 that is '에'sound. is there any rule that it will change its pronunciation? thank you very much!
2011년 3월 19일 오후 3:44
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I quote because it s pretty accurate: - when it's at the beginning of the word, it's pronounced 의 {ui} - if it's used at the end of the word as a possessive marker, it's usually pronounced as 에 {ae}. However, some Koreans pronounce it 의 {ui} in this case too - If it's the end syllable of a word, it's normally pronounced 이 {long e} As an example, 민주주의의 의의 (democracy's meaning/significance) is pronounced {민주주이에 의이}. The {wi} pronunciation seems to be the most difficult for westerners to pick up. I have found that it is closest to the the French u, but with a more drawn out "ee" at the end. Contrary to the Romanized spelling, there is no 'w' sound.
2011년 3월 19일
에 is a wrong pronunciation. Just, Koreans say 에 instead of 의 because 에 is easier to pronounce than 의 but you should know that is a wrong sound. Finally, 희 differs from 의. 희 is nearer to hee than ee.
2011년 3월 19일
의 = ui
2011년 3월 20일
아직도 답을 찾지 못하셨나요?
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