Please translate this sentences:: (^.^) Tommorow is my birthday. I am kinda excited. ` ` All these years I have been living in this world, I had experience sadness and pain. It caused me to shed tears and hoped to never suffer like this again. But I know that is impossible. These difficulties are part of living as a human. 'How to achieve happiness despite this?' I believe it all depends on how an individual live his life. ` ` ` When people wishes me "HAPPY BIRTHDAY", I feel really glad. It is like they are really grateful that I was born and that makes me feel special. I want to greet everyone with the same birthday as me, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY... and MORE BIRTHDAYS to COME!" ````````````````` Please answer in Japanese characters. I'm currently trying to read and understand it. Thank you in advance. Anyway, my birthday isn't really tomorrow. It's on March 31... I just put 'tomorrow' there because I want to know how to say, "Tomorrow is my birthday" Thank you very much!
Mar 27, 2011 10:56 PM
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明日は私の誕生日なんだ。 なんか興奮している。 何年間もこの世界に住んできた私は悲しみと痛みを経験した。 涙を流させまたこんなに苦しみは嫌だと望んだ。 けどそれは無理だと分かっている。 生活難とは人間として生きる帰結なんだから。 「苦しいながらどうやって幸せを手に入れるのか。」その答えは一人一人の生き方 に隠されていると思う。 人々に「誕生日おめでとう」と言われる時は本当に喜ぶんだ。 私が生まれて良かったって感じで私が特別だと思わせる。 皆に私に言われた「誕生日おめでとう」を言いたい。そして数々のまだ来る誕生日を。 there are probably some errors there, because i don't know how to say "to wish a happy birthday".
March 29, 2011
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