Mona Lisa
What can change your mood ;o)? There are so mayn things on the world which can change our moods. When I listen to the music I can easy change my mood ;o) . How about you?
Mar 30, 2011 5:09 PM
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+ something done (accomplishment) - something forgotten that can't be done any more + phone call, visit from a good friend + discovering it's Tuesday, when you thought to be Wednesday - finding some good work of yours in an old drawer that you never cared to show to anybody, and now the idea is just too old + a nice talk with a complete stranger, better if of the opposite sex + winter comes, you wear again an old coat, an amount some money in the internal pocket you had forgotten of - being out of money + discovering that you already have a couple of books related to your new interest + being able to work without interruption for some hours + a nice clean house, and time to think when expecting a visit + beautiful piano music from an open window while walking on the pavements of your town, thinking and thinking ' how lonely unhappy alone! ' ++ tales from a good friend about happy travels with family in childhood
March 30, 2011
Being lonely 当我们孤单时候 Meeting an old friend 当我们碰到老朋友的时候 Missing someone ( A qualcuno mi manca) 当我们想念一个人的时候
April 1, 2011
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