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could anyone help me to correct this article? The qualities of people The qualities of people show in four aspects: moral, health, culture, skill University students, as the citizens, should follow the citizen’s basic moral rules. It matters to, I think sincerely respect for the law, to respect for other people and to concern for society. Though, you have no moral quality since you are born, you get it from the education, the power of reason and university students themselves deeply practicing. As Chinese saying goes, do not evil in small and do, do not refrain from doing good thing because of pettiness. Not that you are a university student, you should make up your mind to spend several years in practicing yourself as a man having high moral quality. The meaning of nowadays healthy quality is not only confined to the body, including your psychology, adjustment in social environment and community with others in a way of harmonious life. In our lives, where there is competition, there is success or failure, when you are to choose, you have to face gain and loss. If your psychology is not healthy, you are too much of success or failure. Now that you are a university student, you should have the right value of world and life and do want Chinese saying goes: wiser has no worry and warrior has no fear. The quality of culture is how wide and deep the advanced culture of human beings a man inherit. For thousands of years, human’s fruits of science, technology, philosophy, literature, arts are like the water in the ocean. These days are the knowledge age, the most terrible and insulting title is ‘no culture’. Now that you are a university student, you should be very eager to absorb cultural nutrition and enrich our lives. The quality of skill is always as a tool for man to apply for a job and make a living. In agricultural age, Chinese saying goes: craftsman won’t die in the year of harvest scarcity. In industrial age, people say: if only you study well in the math, physics and chemistry, you could make a living in anywhere. Now, everyone pursues to record of formal schooling and chooses skill, mostly hoping to grasp the specific knowledge and skill.
Apr 1, 2011 1:19 PM
Jesscia zhang
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