shiny royal
how to forget some one? which is the most efficient way? ok, hear is the deal, i want to forget a girl, but her memory is killing me. may be in your life you had one point of time when you also needed to forget some one. can you share some idea?
Apr 1, 2011 1:47 PM
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As time is the true healer, or Physician in this case, the best could be to speed up its pace, but I never succeeded in that, maybe it is even impossible. As a second chance, try to get some new interest that will keep your mind pretty busy, for instance the study of the Chinese language, or something quite difficult near your interests, or totally new, like start painting. Of course seeing people is also helpful, but what you need is to keep your mind into something else, not just a past-time. Ok, I see you are already studying Chinese, so what about Music, advanced Math ? A very practical tip: look around in the Schaum books, there are dozens on several subjects, the fun part is that they offer many, many problems to keep your mind busy; in the long run (I'm talking for my own experience) you will remember these days as a success as you turned a bad feeling into an opportunity to evolve. Good luck, it is not an unusual an experience, nevertheless to be counter-acted seriously and with determination.
April 1, 2011
That's YOUR problem. Just forget her. Stop all the whining and complaining, and just FORGET her.
April 3, 2011
Man it's really hard actually you cannot forget her in just one finger snapping right?so I suggest accept the truth but it's hurts,once you accept it already from time to time you will forget her man. I do suggest keep on walking let the memory erase by time in the road theres alot of things can happen and you can meet,dont look in one direction set your minf free. cowboy...
April 5, 2011
I remember the words I 've every heared. Long time ago, some one told me that " you will forget something gradually as time goes by because different things happen to you everyday." Yeap, some times, we will come across the ways & the roads we've never been to , and will see the views that we are not familiar with , we will listen to the new songs we've never heard before, all of the new things makes up our daily life. It is not easy to meet the right guy/girl at the right time. Howevery, since you know you can not own the girl, you need to move on your life to pursue your special one. Just believe that you deserved a better girl. Your true love is waiting for you right there. Instead of wasting you time to think obout a girl will be belonged to someone elso, you'd better leave it alone and pay more attension on your life. Life must go on!!! Finally, I think that to make more friends or spend time on learning a new skill or a kind of music instrument will " share " your time of being upset with your woe. All above is just my personal opinion. To make your life easier or harder, it is all depends on you. I know that my English is not good, but I just want to share my feelingd with you. Just let it be, tomorrow is another day.
August 4, 2011
You will make yourself dislike her quickly by imagining she has lots of traits you dislike. This is the power of mind. If she has given your a terrible blow to your heart, the first thing is to recover the normal you, as opposed to forget her.
April 3, 2011
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