Please! i need help rewriting this paragraph. Abstract There has been a debate as to whether globalization is a useful course of action to the existence of man in this universe. Extremes range from its supporters who insist on some of its political, economical and cultural rewards to all mankind. To its opponents who foretell a reasonably gloomy image to the new world of globalization. Language distance has been increasingly shrinking as a result of the prevalence of globalization similar to geographical and physical distance. The eminent position occupied by the American English in the whole world is simply one of the natural consequences of the age of globalization. The respectable position occupied by English had had great effect on the other non-global language. Arabic is not an exception in this respect. The research will try to seek an answer for the question, does globalization, the reduces language distance between English and Arabic facilitate English-to-Arabic translation and vice versa or does it create a new challenges for it? Conclusion -Despite all the mutual rapprochements between the people of the world resulted from the age of globalization, we are still far from having a global culture, There is a natural human tendency to keep the indigenous cultures, which are associated to traditions people hold dear. - This does not deny the fact that we are now having more common cultural denominators than we ever had. The existence of such a common linguistic and extra-linguistic contexts of situations which would naturally lead to facilitate the transference of meaning from the source language to the target language in translation. - The more the cultures of the source and the target language are interrelated and hence more similar extra-linguistic situations exist in the two cultures, the easiest will be the task of translation. - The existence of some common cultural denominators between different societies around the world resulted from our age of globalization would certainly make cultures closer to each other and hence creating more and more similar extra-linguistic situations that help translators to transfer the meaning smoothly and effortlessly from the source to the target language.
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