How can a shy beginning language learner increase his/her confidence when speaking? How can an introvertit beginning language learner overcome his fears and express himself/herself in the new language more confidently?
Apr 8, 2011 12:09 PM
Answers · 4
Speaking !!! You'll sound horrible at the beginning ^^ but who cares?! ... making mistakes is the way you learn and if the other person is uncomfortable with that is not a comment about you... yes, open your mouth and start saying words and putting them together in sentences and see what happens. Confidence is a direct result from regular practice, even if you are still making mistakes, it's not going to be a big deal, you will be more relaxed day after day ... Good luck !!!! ^^
April 8, 2011
Just do it. It's an experience everyone learning a language has to go through, I suppose. When I was studying abroad, I felt like an idiot more than once. After some time, I decided to ignore it, and I just opened my mouth and said something, even if I made a complete fool out of myself. It helps if you're talking to people who know how you feel, because they have experienced it themselves when learning a language. They'll usually be more patient, and if there's some misunderstanding, they'll try to figure out what's wrong. So don't fear :-) You won't learn it unless you practise, and that means making mistakes. Lots of them. That's just how it is.
April 8, 2011
You can't. Anyway, why do you need to be confident? You just speak, no matter how you feel!
April 10, 2011
я думаю чтение это ключ ко всему.фразы,построение предложений,грамматика,словарный запас,произношение(если читать вслух).все оттуда.читать и еще раз читать а потом снова читать).а если потом самому себе вслух пересказывать на английском смысл прочитанной книги или отдельных глав,то думаю трудно найти лучшее решение.
April 8, 2011
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