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What in the world is a cholo? i was watching this movie the other day and they kept on saying cholo and now i'm seeing it everywhere so i really really wanna know. i think it's spanish but i dont know. tnx in advance
Mar 30, 2008 3:59 AM
Answers · 2
Some people in Chile call pejoratively 'cholo' to peruvian mestizos. I think almost all Latin America were made of 'mestizo' (mixed) people. though 'cholo' have some Andean Inca, Quechua or Aymará ancestry, like some people in North of Chile and Argentina, Most of Bolivia and Perú. I guess all 'cholos' share an awesome heritage: the Inca Empire, one of the most developed cultures of Pre-European America, along with Mexican Maya and Azteca cultures.
March 30, 2008
Cholo is a "mestizo". Son of a European and an Native American. Goodbye young friend.
March 30, 2008
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