What question can never get answer "YES."?
Apr 15, 2011 1:36 AM
Answers · 12
no idea. girls always say yes to me :D
April 15, 2011
Does this dress make me look fat?
April 15, 2011
I believe any question that starts with a 'wh' (who, what, when, where, why) question word could not take a 'yes' answer. For example: "Who are you?" (Winnie, NOT 'yes') "Where is the store?" (down the street, NOT 'no') "What is a duck?" (a small bird, NOT 'yes') "When is dinner?" (at seven o' clock, NOT 'no') "Why are you crying?" (because I'm sad, NOT 'yes')
April 15, 2011
When a guy asks a girl ,if she likes him. It will be always 'NO' ,even if she did ;)
April 17, 2011
What time is it?
April 15, 2011
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