" Ich habe deine Nachricht nicht bekommen. " Why is it deine (nominativ) and not deiner (akk)? My german friend says it is "deine", but I would have thought it was "deiner". Can someone elaborate. He says it doesn't know why that is. viel Dank.
Apr 15, 2011 11:50 PM
Answers · 2
It is 'Akkusativ'! The article of 'Nachricht' is 'die' die Nachricht So in accusative you use 'deinE Nachricht' In Dative it would be 'deiner Nachricht' The article 'die' remains 'die' in accusative and becomes 'der' in dative,hence with pronouns or indefinite articles it has 'E' in accusative and 'ER ' in dative as ending. DiE Nachricht ----- DeinE Nachricht ( Nominative) DiE Nachricht----- DeinE Nachricht ( Akkusative) DER Nachricht ----- DeinER Nachricht ( Dative) Your German friend is right! Hope it is clear :)
April 16, 2011
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