Tony Robert Leo
what do u think of this case? I get a piece of news from TV last year.It is very amusing.Let me tell u as below: One day,a middle aged woman was driving a electrocar on her way home,but unfortunately then she was detained by a traffic policeman,the reason was very easy that her new electrocar hadn't a lisence number on it,it was bought a few days ago. Then the policeman intented to write out a ticket and seizure hers temporarily! But what was worse,the middle aged woman flied into a rage,she shouted to the policeman,and asked him to return the elctrocar to her. What was even more worse ,as the request was rejected,she suddenly took off her pants and hit the policeman's head heavily and abused him loudly,the policeman was astonished,and stayed there without any striking back.Then shortly afterwards the traffic policeman felt headache and had to be sent to the hospital.It was said that a bit of blood left on the traffic policeman's head The woman was arrested by other policemen. In Chinese traditon culture,if a man is attcked or hited by a female's pants.It would means that u would have a very bad luck,u would enjoy a very very bad luck.Haha,may be it is a superstition. I wonder whether it is a the same as it in the western countries?
Apr 16, 2011 12:14 PM
Tony Robert Leo
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