no puedo entender lo que signifca THOUGH no hay caso que entienda esta palabra, busque el significado, pero no logro darle sentido, la he escuchado mucho y por lo general va al final de la frase. por ejemplo: "i have never been to chile.. on my list though!!
Apr 18, 2011 8:24 PM
Answers · 4
Esta palabra es la misma que como "si". Por ejemplo: But they do though - Seguro que ellos si No hay una traduccion en espanol porque es una palabra/frase unica en ingles pero la cosa mas cercana, quizas, es "si".
May 18, 2011
Meanings and usage of ' though ' as a conjunction: 1. Despite the fact that; although: Examples: .He still argues, though he knows he's wrong. .Even though it was raining, she walked to work. 2. Conceding or supposing that; even if: Example:Though they may not succeed, they will still try. Meanings and usage of 'though' as an adverb: 1. However; nevertheless: Example: Snow is not predicted; we can expect some rain, though. 2. Informal, used as an intensive: Example: Wouldn't that beat it all, though?
April 19, 2011
though = aunque Though I say so myself aunque no esté bien que yo lo diga Stange though it may seem aunque parezca raro Even though you'll laugh at me aunque te rías de mí It means also in other contexts: bien que, no obstante, sin embargo, aun cuando It’s easy, though, to understand their feelings Sin embargo, es fácil comprender sus sentimientos
April 18, 2011
se puede traducir como aunque es como si usted dice "even so, it's on my list" a pesar de esta si està en mi lista Edit: 11:25
April 18, 2011
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