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"au train où allaient les choses" cela veut dire quoi? Dobby l'avait peut-être sauvé d'événements terrifiants, mais au train où allaient les choses, il allait probablement finir par mourir de faim. it means "meme si"? Merci
Apr 19, 2011 4:21 AM
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"mais au train où allaient les choses" is an idiomatic (thus very French) way to say "the way things were going". It also implies an idea of ever increasing speed. Dont be fooled by "train". It has really nothing to do with a train. (^^) Would I dare to say that "au train où vont les choses, vous risquez de finir par comprendre cette phrase"? :-)
April 19, 2011
yes, "au train où vont les choses" means " à la vitesse où vont les choses". But I wouldn't say that it's idomatic, since you can find other examples. Train is an rather old way to say speed, it's exactly the same meaning. Here are some quite common expressions: "rouler à un train d'enfer" = "rouler très vite" "à un train de sénateur" = "à une vitesse de sénateur" = lentement and also "le train-train quotidien", here the repetition of "train" gives a "boring" feeling
April 20, 2011
Ca signifie "a la maniere (et la vitesse) dont les choses se passent"
April 19, 2011
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