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Please share me your experiences how to learn both Engish and other languages at the same time?
Mar 31, 2008 12:24 AM
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Learning english and another language learning at the same time is easier for small children,,,but,,for adults,,,it is really tough in many ways,,,there is only 1 advantage for adults,,that is,,,we can apply and compare one language grammar to another,,,like when i started learning japanese ,,,i dont need to think much about the japanese grammar,i just compare it with the korean grammar,and it is very easy,,,but,,,comparing english grammar with another non-similar language like,,chinese,,or korean or japanese,,,or even french,,or spanish or italian or hindi,,etc,,is very tough,,,!!!! this should be kept in mind when teaching children,,"CHILDREN LEARN AND SPEAK A LANGUAGE BEFORE REALIZING THE GRAMMAR OF THE LANGUAGE,,ESPECIALLY FOR THEIR MOTHER TONGUE-99% OF CHILDREN DONT KNOW GRAMMAR,BUT THEY CAN SPEAK GOOD LANGUAGE,,,in fact,,,grammar is only for adults !!! hahahahhah!!!!
March 31, 2008
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