What's the difference between 'as much as' and 'as well as'? John is your friend as much as he is mine. May I replace 'as much as' with 'as well as'? If yes, what's the difference between them? Thank you!
Apr 20, 2011 11:02 AM
Answers · 4
think of "as well as" as "also" or "in addition to". So, "as much as" would mean that they are equally good friends. No one is closer to John than the other. And "as well as" would mean that both are Johns friend. How good or bad friends they are is not important.
April 20, 2011
Thank you for your help!
April 20, 2011
'as much as' is speaking in terms of quantity, so John is just as good a friend to both people, as opposed to be more of a friend to another. 'As well as' just means John is a friend to both, it doesn't concern how much of a friend. Does this make sense?
April 20, 2011
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