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Can you help me to check the sentences? I'm not sure.. 1) We haven't got any bread. Could you buy a loaf of rye bread? 2) Mother want coffee. I just have a jar. 3) Mikl hasn't got any cigarettes. I have to go out and buy a pack. 4)-I want to drink.- What about a glass of mineral water? 5) There is nothing in the fridge, only a bank of sardines. 6) WE haven't gor any toothpaste yet. Go and buy a tube. 7) When she is sad, she can eat a whole chocolate bar. 8)Please, put a piece of ice into my cocktail.
Apr 21, 2011 6:21 PM
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no 1 is fine. no 2 'Mother wants a coffee. What do you mean by 'I just have a jar' just = only. A jar is plenty for one coffee so why 'just' ? no 3 is fine. no 4 normally we say 'I want a drink/ something to drink.' I would like' is more polite. no 5 A 'bank' of sardines doesn't make sense. Normally we say a 'tin'. no 6 We haven't got.. n0 7 is fine no 8 Please put a 'cube' of ice/ an ice cube in my drink.
April 21, 2011
they are fine, only 2- mother wants 5- there is almost nothing, use almost as there is one thing 6 - we haven't got
April 21, 2011
I'm not good at english too. anyway i think 2) My mother wants a coffee, i just have a jar. 4) i want something to drink. 7) if she is sad, she can eat whole of chocolate bar. 8) how about use verb "give" instead "put" and 1)3)6) u used "have + past participle" that means "situation is continuing until now" for example 6) WE haven't gor any toothpaste yet. . this sentence means We never get toothpaste before.
April 21, 2011
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