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Hi: Dear friends. I would like to learn another foreign langaugae.Spanish or french. But I have not deicded which language to learn. For my teacher said to me that french is hard to learn.Is spanis I really need your advice in speciality.
Mar 31, 2008 5:25 AM
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Come with the Spaniards!!! i think what is complicated of the french language is the pronuciation,that dificulty doesn't exist with spanish 'cause we pronunces the same way we write...'nd i think is more useful 'cause more peolple speak spanish than french! if are interested i can help u! here u have my msn i'm conected at night around 12pm (argentina time) i hope your decition!!! haha make a good choise!! =)
April 3, 2008
I sugguest you to seach this question on the BaiDu or Google, there are a lot of people ask the same question like you. Before I decided to learn the Spanish, I have the same question. Now I choose Spanish. For 2 reason: 1, It is far this time (I learned Spanish for 1 month), I do think it is very simple, especially when the English words get you so much trouble...the spanish word seem very easy to remember, as long as you read it correctly. 2, Who speak the language: as far as I know, people in all the South America, the USA, the Spanish and some Europ coutry speak Spanish; people in most of the Africa, Canada, France and some Europ country speak French. You can decide people from where you prefer to communicate with
April 2, 2008
Come with the Spaniards, you can read the Quixote, and laugh a lot, have words like "bacalao" je, je. This word is very fun
April 2, 2008
I think that's really a question you need to ask yourself. Which is going to be more useful and interesting to you for business, travel, cultural exchange, etc? I think Spanish is easier but I'm a native speaker of English so Spanish pronunciation is much easier for me than French. Many people think that Chinese and French vowels sound similar so it might be easier for you to learn French. Also if you live in Shanghai, there are a lot of French people here so you'd have ample opportunity to practice French. Decide which one sounds nicer to you because if you like the way the language sounds and you like the people that speak it, you'll be more motivated to keep learning.
March 31, 2008
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