mohamed elsamman
Do you believe in mental illness leads to organic disease ?
Apr 23, 2011 12:32 PM
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This is a ridiculous question. These things are researched, so they are factual. It has nothing to do with belief systems. BTW, mental illness is parallel with organic disease. You will need to use Chinese medicine to understand the connection properly.
April 23, 2011
I found these interesting figures on the net Johnson (1968) performed detailed physical exams on 250 patients admitted to an inpatient psychiatric unit. 12% of these patients were admitted to the psychiatric unit for problems that seemed to be caused by physical illness 80% of these had been missed by physician before admission 6.6% were initially missed even after the admission workup 60% had abnormal physical findings Ex.-Hall (1978) performed a detailed assessment on 658 consecutive psychiatric outpatients - 9.1% had a significant medical illness- Ex.-Slater (1965) studied 85 patients (32 men and 53 women) diagnosed as having "hysteria" - follow up 7-11 years. More than a third proved to have organic disease Ex.-Sox et. al. (1989) did a thorough medical evaluation on 509 patients in community mental health programs in California.- 200 (or 39%) had at least one active, important, physical disease, Staff at the mental health program was aware of only 47% of these. Research program discovered previously undiagnosed, important diseases in 63 of these patients. 14% had medical illness that was causing or exacerbating their mental illness. Source:
April 24, 2011
What an ignorant question !! Of course, neither one nor the other conduct to an illness or a disease. It's very seldom when you inherit the both in the same time. You should look at a film like "the awakening" with Robert de Niro. Certainly, it would open your eyes on this subject and 'll make you understand that you can have one without never have to undergo the other one.
April 25, 2011
i think so..coz mentally ill is worse than when there is some problem with will definitely affect the function of organs..
April 23, 2011
hehe ,yes of course I believe ,and it is a dangerous deed.
April 23, 2011
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