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A question about the phrases 和你无关 and 和你有什么关系 I just want to check I'm understanding these phrases correctly, I figured the best way is to use them. My understanding so far is 和你有什么关系? can be translated as 'what business is it of yours? and 和你无关 means It has nothing to do with you. Thinking of them in this light I wrote this! 如果我很喜欢他,和你有什么关系?我告诉你,这和你无关!If I like him, what business is it of your? I tell you, it's none of your business! 这个句子, 对不对? Expanding on 和你无关though....Can 和你无关 also be used to say something like 'its not your fault'? ie: 我们的失败和你无关. 一切都是我的错!Our failure has nothing to do with you, it is all my fault! Can I say this?
Apr 23, 2011 7:17 PM
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Yes, your phrases are correct. “和你无关”可以用于一般陈述句或感叹句,表示“这件事跟你没有关系”。“和你有什么关系”一般用于反问句中,带有主观的感情色彩,意为“这个跟你没有关系,你不必插手或多管闲事”,但是有时候也可以用于一般疑问句中,如:你这么帮助他们一家人,他们和你有什么关系?这个句子中只是单纯的询问,需要对方的回答。 有时候也用“跟你无关”“跟你有什么关系”意思等同于“和你无关”“跟你有什么关系”。
April 24, 2011
和你有什么关系! None of your business.
April 24, 2011
April 24, 2011
不用这么在意,其实两个意思是差不多的 However,these two phrases are not that kind to listener.It's a little coldness. if you want to express "its not your fault",you had better say"我们的失败不是因为你. 一切都是我的错!" this sentence sounds more kind to listener,while "我们的失败和你无关. 一切都是我的错" it sounds like complaining it's also your fault
April 24, 2011
@gsreedy..why would you it's about Chinese!!!
April 23, 2011
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