Ayam Jogger
I wan't to study abroad? I wan't to study in Australia, Singapore, Egypt, Brunei, and another country, how the registration process and how to get a scholarship?
Apr 25, 2011 5:36 AM
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Selamat pagi. Overseas students are only able to study in an overseas fee-paying place and must pay overseas student fees at Australian universities. You must have passed at least Level 6 in the IELTS exam. This site has a complete guide where to study at colleges and universities in Australia and if you are eligible for a scholarship.There are migrant communities from all over the world in every major city in Australia. www.australian-universities.com/scholarships/ The following website has information on studying English in Brisbane in the tropical state of Queensland which has an international airport. http://www.shafston.edu/learn-english/general-english/general-english.html www.goingtouni.gov.au/Main/Quickfind/PayingForYourStudiesHELPLoans/ - 35k University Scholarships www.Deakin.edu.au/University Find out more about scholarships and grants at Deakin University. Scholarship Online www.aiu.edu Offers Online degree programs, partial scholarships available 1. Scholarships Australia Scholarships Australia institutions campus with international student links - complete guide where to study at college and university in Australia. www.australian-universities.com/scholarships/ 2. Monash University MONASH - Australian-Universities.com Monash is one of the Group of Eight, Australia's leading universities recognised for excellence in research, scholarship and teaching. ... www.australian-universities.com/info/1/monash/ 3. Scholarships at Australian universities Australian Capital Territory. Australian Catholic University - Scholarships National University - Scholarships ... www.goingtouni.gov.au › Postgraduate › Scholarships 4. Scholarships Australian Postgraduate Awards; Indigenous Staff scholarships; Endeavour International Postgraduate Research Awards; University Scholarships ... www.goingtouni.gov.au/.../FeesLoansAndScholarships/.../Scholarships/
April 25, 2011
Google is your friend. ;)
April 27, 2011
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