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what is "maybe" in arabic?
Apr 25, 2011 7:26 AM
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Hi Chris Kim~ "Maybe" has many forms of similar words or meanings in Arabic, such in English you have "Perhaps". I will explain it in both Classic and Colloquial Arabic ^^ In Classic: Maybe= ربما Rob-bama -Is she coming? هل هي قادمة‏?‏ -Maybe.‏ ربما قد Qud or kud (u as in Bug) But Qud means "May more than Maybe" She may come or may not. قد تأتي و قد لا تأتي. In Colloquial: Maybe= Mom-ken ممكن Yem-ken يمكن Yom-ken يمكن They all mean the same meaning but the diffrence is in the Accent. -Do you think that i did it well? -Maybe. Btw, rob-bama match perhaps more than maybe, and momken match maybe. Hope it helps ^^ Salam~
April 25, 2011
in (calssical arabic) you can say : Robbama " ربما " = maybe in (slang arabic) you can say : yemken " يمكن " = maybe hope i helped you ^^
April 25, 2011
maybe in arabic : Robbama : ربما example : Robbama ana jai3 (3=ayn or ع) = Maybe i am hungry or it can be : Qad : قد example: la taf3al hada , qad la tastati3 = don't do that , maybe you can't Moumkin : ممكن example : Ahmed : hal sayati omar ? = will omar come ? Ali : na3am , moumkin = yes , maybe
April 25, 2011
ربًما ( Robbamaa) = Maybe قد ( Qad ) = Maybe
April 25, 2011
hello in arabic we say" roba maa" ربما " n arabic wecan find many words we can use .....
April 25, 2011
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