Jepril Udquin
Please correct my grammar if im wrong. 😁 Hi, everyone im graduated already as nautical. Actually my first on board was in interisland. Im from phil, by the way. I've never tried to apply for overseas cause i dont have backer. Actually I easily understand the english speaker but when i talk or construct my sentence in english its so hard for me. So this is it, lets start, first when i graduate as a college im always thinking that how can i start my job as a cadete even the interview i think i cant pass. Because simple or basic word i dont know. Then my friends helped me his company, so i was not interviewed. The interviewer just told me to pass the requirements so that i can start my job as a cadete on their ship. So after my apprentice ship in 1year, im applying my uncle's company in overseas. The same thing happened i was not interviewed anymore. Im nervous because i know this coming december maybe the company call me to report their, i might be onboard. Help me to improve my english 🙏
Oct 20, 2020 6:37 AM
Jepril Udquin
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