Nirmani Konara
Day before yesterday we were able to hear a bad news, which happened in the main road. Its a big deadly accident. And the incident happened on the main road of Welisara of before the grave. The accident was done by a student of age 16. That is the special thing of the accident. He was drove his father's jeep with his sister and suddenly the control of the vehicle was gone away from the driver. Then the vehicle came to the other side of the road and it was fell upside. But the most sorrowful thing is that 4 other vehicles were affected by the accident and one person were died. And some people were very damaged. So now father and the son are got into the prison by the police. Actually in our country the people under 18 are not allowed to drive vehicles on the road even they are to haven't a chance to get diving license.
Nov 6, 2021 2:10 PM