burak ercan
Merhaba!! Hello!! Привет!! I'm Burak./Меня Зовут Бурак. I am looking for a language partner whom I can practice my english speaking skill. Also I have started to learn Russian. And I am a native Turkish speaker. If there is anyone whose native language is Russian and wants to learn Turkish, maybe we can help eachother. Have a nice day..
Nov 7, 2021 6:39 AM
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Hi☺️ I am a native Russian speaker. I am learning Turkish now. I need to improve my spoken Turkish. We can help each other.
November 25, 2021
I can speak with u and improve your speaking skill also i can speak turky
November 7, 2021
I am an American looking to learn Turkish, maybe we can help each other? While my Russian is not native, I speak at an advanced low level and have lived in Moldova so I can answer some cultural questions about Russia and the former Soviet Union!
November 7, 2021