Tatiana Akuneeva
Hello everyone! I would like to seek for help of English natives who could provide me with feedback on my IELTS writing. If you are acquainted with the requirements of IELTS, it would be even better if you could take a look! Thank you in advance. This will greatly help me to prepare and make my dream come closer to realization. The bar chart depicts the gender proportion in six different educational levels of the UK in 2010. In three out of five types of educational settings women outnumber men. The biggest gender gap is found in nursery/pre- and primary schools where women account for approximately 96 and 92% of places respectively. However, the structure of secondary school setting is more balanced and consists of roughly 54% of women. The higher education level is, the less women there are represented. For instance, the college setting shows a perfect gender ratio: for every woman there is one man. Nevertheless, the share of woman working in the private trainings institutes and universities significantly drops in comparison to previous settings. Thus, private training institutes constitute of 54% male teachers opposed to 46% female ones while the universities are male-dominated (70% of male vs 30 of female teachers). Overall, the bar chart illustrates the tendency where elementary types of educational setting become the career choice for most women while men are mostly represented at the higher levels of education.
Nov 9, 2021 2:32 PM